Pornography Can’t Be Overcome Alone, So Quit Fighting A Losing Battle. Experience Freedom From Shame & Addiction Through The Power of Accountability.

Internet Accountability for Men & Women Who Want to Live Porn-Free


Pornography Can’t Be Overcome Alone, So Quit Fighting A Losing Battle. Experience Freedom From Shame & Addiction Through The Power of Accountability.

Internet Accountability for Men & Women Who Want to Live Porn-Free


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When You Hide, Pornography Thrives

Shame and temptation only grow in loneliness and silence.
If you’re struggling with pornography, then chances are: you know what that’s like.
The anxiety that accompanies the burden of secrecy.
The self-hatred after another failed attempt to say “no.”
The apologies that feel less and less genuine.
The promises that hold less and less power.
You’ve experienced the fear of being found out.
What if your wife discovers your browsing history?
What if your kids do?
What if you’re never able to get out of the prison that pornography has become?


No Filters, No Hoops, Just Accountability.

Choose Accountability Partner

Your browsing history is reported to a trusted friend, even your app history and uninstall attempts.

Generate an Accountability Report

Install software and app on all your devices to monitor your Internet activity. All your browsing will show up in a weekly report that shows all the key details in a clear, concise way.

Experience A Weight Lifted

You will be held accountable to your choices online while Ever Accountable runs quietly in the background monitoring your activity.


of our users feel confident
about quitting porn after just
one month!

Quitting Takes Community (We Need One Another)

It has been said that “the truth will set you free…”
Want to rid your secrets of their power?

Speak them out into the open.

Whether you’re struggling now, or simply want to put some preventative measures in place, accountability is the key to lasting freedom from pornography.

And we all fail when we try to change on our own.

Sure, you can block a webpage, but managing the problem won’t remove the desire.
True change comes from being known.

That’s why we’re always choosing friendship over filters.

Temptation fades when it is replaced by the power of a greater desire, and when it comes to the desire for truth and honesty among committed accountability partners, both research and experience can attest:

Men and women who are willing to commit to being seen are 95% more likely to succeed.

Whoever you are and however you wound up here,
we want to help you do exactly that.


X3watch, Get Started!

Online Accountability and Monitoring Software

If you struggle with online pornography, or have a friend or family member who does, accountability is the key to freedom.
We have to come out of the shadows and share who we really are.  It’s the only way we’ll ever become who we want to be.
This Key To Freedom Is For You


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X3watch Features & Benefits:

Internet Safety For You (and Your Family)

Whether you’re single and looking for accountability among friends, or married and seeking a solution for the entire family, this is the tool for you. Expose (or prevent) secret pornography use by giving a trusted loved one access to your browsing history. X3watch monitors web browsing and app activity across any and every connected device, updates your chosen partner[s] automatically, and inspires conversation between people dedicated to loving one another well.

Community, Connection & Conversation

X3watch is far more than just an app. This is an opportunity to know and be known. Whether your chosen partner is a friend or a spouse, or you’ve come across explicit activity on your children’s devices, the true goal is liberation that blossoms from open and honest relationships with others who are dedicated to your well-being. However counterintuitive it may sound, the point of parameters is – ultimately – freedom and joy… both of which are most realized as shared in community with one another.

Total Transparency & Trusted Privacy

There’s a difference between encouraging accountability among trusted partners and pushing people to over-share in a public forum. Rest assured, your information is completely safe and confidential, and the only person[s] who will ever have access to your browsing and usage data are those who you have given permission to see and help you through this particular area of life.

Excellent Service & Encouraging Support

Never be ashamed to ask for help. Far be it from weakness, only courage and strength describe the traits necessary to admit that we need others if we’re ever going to succeed. Our customer support team cares about your journey, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that you and your accountability partner have every resource available and necessary to overcome pornography together. From blogs to guides to customer care, we’re on your team, and we’ve seen enough to know that the life ahead of you is abundant, beautiful and free.

$9.99 Monthly Plan

Individual Plan

  • One User
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Up-to-date Reports
  • Text & Email Alerts
  • Unlimited Accountability Partners
  • Available on iOS, Mac, Android, PC, Chromebook, Kindle
  • Technical Support
  • 8 Part “Open” Video Series
  • Digital copy of the book “Open”

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$12.99 Monthly Plan

Family Plan

  • Includes all Individual Plan features and…
  • All Users in Household
  • Adult or Child Accounts
  • Unique Accountability Partners for Each User
  • Touchy Subjects video series
  • Digital copy of the book “Touchy Subjects”



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“I have been battling with porn for pretty much 30 yrs…I finally confronted it last Saturday by confessing to my wife and it’s been an amazing week! I have installed X3watch on phone. My wife loves the reports it sends and I feel like our marriage will stay strong, and I will regain her trust level back. It’s going to be an interesting journey, but I’m so glad she is by my side during it! Anyways, thank God for your ministry and thank you for obeying his call on your life!”

“I’ve used X3watch software since it was first available for myself and for the students and staffs I’ve led. I love that there’s a relational element to it and it makes space for honest conversations. X3watch has given me several opportunities to bring grace into situations that could have just brought shame.”

“X3watch has allowed me to trust myself again. I no longer am hiding from my actions, but being held accountable by friends who want the best for me. Even in those moments where I have to own up to unwise choices, I feel like I gain strength and resolve and my hope grows.”


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