Adult Content Filter And Blocker

When it comes to an adult content filter and blocker, there’s nothing out there like X3watch. This peace-giving software gives you the option to block adult content in a variety of ways, making it the ultimate adult blocker and adult content filter that allows you to rest easy every time you go online.

X3watch has a robust and flexible adult content blocker and adult content filter that puts all the control and power for what you want to see – and what you don’t – right in your hands.

If you want to block adult content on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, X3watch’s adult content filter and blocker can handle it, once and for all.

Once you add a site to your block list, X3watch’s adult blocker makes sure you never see it again.

The flexibility of X3watch’s adult content blocker comes in handy when you want to customize the ways you block adult content.

For example: X3watch can definitely preemptively handle many adult sites and work as that adult content filter you’re looking for, but it also allows sites that you put on its whitelist. In other words, if X3watch has flagged a site that you think is appropriate, you can just add it to your whitelist and X3watch will let it through.

It’s an adult content filter and blocker that’s tailored to you and your family, perfectly.

Go here to try out the adult blocker – and all the other features – of X3watch.