Adult Site Blocker

Looking for an adult site blocker that can block adult sites in real-time? An adult site blocker that learns your habits and tendencies and uses that learning to block adult sites that you may not have even known were headed your way? An adult site blocker that you can feel comfortable handing off to your kids so that it blocks adult sites well before your impressionable kids even get remotely close to them?

Look no further than X3watch, a robust adult site blocker that also does so much more.

X3watch works in tandem with your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer to block adult sites before they can get to your screen. And in addition to working as an adult site blocker, X3watch also has a reporting feature that will email notifications to you or anyone else you choose – as soon as the adult site blocker kicks in, X3watch will send an email to let you know something just happened and that X3watch had to block adult sites on one of your devices.

It’s time for you and every member of your family to start using the internet with confidence and freedom, thanks to the adult site blocker, one of many features built right into X3watch.

Try it out today and discover what this kind of internet experience can be like.