Best iPhone Parental Control App

As iPhones continue to dominate the smartphone market and, as it’s starting to seem, the entire globe, parents the world over have begun searching for the best iPhone parental control app.

And that makes sense. After all, if you’re going to let your kids have an iPhone, you want to keep tabs on them, and not just with anything. You want the best iPhone parental control app.

If we may: in our humble opinion, the best parental control app for iPhone is undoubtedly X3watch.

First of all, X3watch acts as a filtered internet browser, meaning you can rest easy knowing that your kids aren’t going to stumble accidentally on an inappropriate site because their thumbs flew too fast over the keyboard and they typed a word incorrectly. So that’s reason number one to think of X3watch as the best iPhone parental control app.

Secondly, X3watch allows for robust blocking. You can block inappropriate sites, allow sites you deem appropriate by whitelisting them, and even toggle blocking based on who is using a particular device. Have a site that you’re fine with your older kids visiting but that wouldn’t be the best for your younger ones? X3watch can handle that level of blocking.

Finally, X3watch is the best parental control app for iPhone because it’s about far more than just parental control. The accountability features of X3watch create frequent opportunities for you to interact with your kids relationally, striking up conversations about where they have and haven’t been on their iPhone. This converts parental control into parental conversations, which is where the real parenting is done.

So when it comes to the best iPhone parental control app, we think you can do no better than X3watch.

Try it now to get the full scope of what we’re talking about. Your kids will thank you.