Beta Testing Team

A crowd sourced Beta Testing Team for the X3watch Premium & Free software products.

X3watch strives to be the very best tool available for creating online accountability and open conversations with friends, spouses, families and co-workers. BUT…

We have a problem!

You see, we aren’t the very best just quite yet.

So, that’s where you come into the picture. We know our customers and the followers of are passionate about X3watch and about accountability. With that passion, we want to unleash your energies and your skills by inviting you to join our ‘X3watch Beta Team’. (We’d love to give it a really kick-butt name, but of course, all of our really good ones got vetoed by the family friendly crowd.)


Below you will find the application for our Beta Team. To drive the conversations and the testing we have created a Facebook community for all of you loyal testers to meet and share with our X3watch Development and X3watch Customer Support teams. And if it couldn’t get any cooler than that, each one of you crazy qualified Beta Team members will receive free & full access to X3watch premium + the occasional swag from (I am sure we can get you some gold stars in heaven too!)

Thanks for your passion and your participation!

Ryan Russell
COO – X3watch