4 Things That Make Good Accountability

4 Things That Make Good Accountability

Written on May 21st, 2014 in Resources by Jeff Fisher

Using X3watch is a big help toward having an online strategy because it provides you with the option of multiple accountability champions, people who can help you stick to the plan you created.

Probably for starters, you’re going to have one or two champions. You might allow two of your best friends to get your reports. Or maybe a friend and your minister. Or, if you’re married, your spouse and a close friend. Children will have their parents on their list.

Whomever you set as your champion needs to:

1. Know at least some of your story. You will share more of your story and struggles as the relationship continues, but in the beginning, your accountability champion needs to know why you’ve chosen your particular online strategy.

2. Be someone whom you allow deeper access to your life. They need to be able to ask you questions about your internet usage.

3. Be someone you see on a regular basis. You need to meet with some frequency and consistency with them, meaning they need to be committed to their role.

4. Be trustworthy, safe and loving. You’re not going to talk honestly with an accountability champion who constantly polices you or beats you up. You want to talk with someone who loves you whether you’ve had a good, bad or ugly report.

But above all, understand this and be encouraged by it: ACCOUNTABILITY IS MESSY AT FIRST

It takes a while for you to figure out how to both rely on and be a champion. Try different things. Make adjustments if it’s not working. Change and modify the time, place and questions you ask until you get into a groove.

You are probably not used to having people so close to your heart, and it may feel awkward for the first couple of months. That’s okay! Eventually you’ll get into a routine and your online strategy will become a routine part of your life and thought process.


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