Accountability: Stay in the Light

Accountability: Stay in the Light

Written on March 28th, 2014 in Stories by Tim M

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Before I started my sobriety and recovery from an addiction to porn and sex, I was blinded to how important it is to have accountability in my life. At a deeper level, I didn’t want accountability; I didn’t want my secret known, because, in a twisted way, there is a false sense of security hiding in darkness and isolation. John 3:20 says, “Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.”

Now that I have a drive to be sober and free from the struggles and chains that have so tightly gripped me, I find accountability is a cornerstone of my success in living a sexually pure life. Accountability provides that light that I so desperately needed.

In today’s electronic age, the internet tended to be where I would fall a large majority of the time. Smartphones, tablets, home, and work computers – the internet is everywhere, so X3watch has become a critical part of how I stay clear of inappropriate sites, providing me needed internet accountability. I’ve learned since I’ve started this journey of sobriety how easy it is to slip and how important it is to turn and run (or click) from any triggers, large or small. Part of my success with X3watch is that I know on a weekly basis that my wife and my accountability partner will be getting a report showing any and all questionable sites I’ve visited.

During my first few weeks of using X3watch I found myself questioning and analyzing each and every site I went to. Why was I going there? Is this healthy or helpful to my sobriety? Will this trigger a report to my wife/accountability partner? These questions helped me consider my motivations and steer clear of places I shouldn’t go.

Today, as I continue with my sobriety and recovery, I find myself in healthy anticipation, waiting for the weekly report to be sent and show off my success for the week. I’ve found my wife shares the same feeling. In a marriage of broken trust, it is a small way to demonstrate trust building.

It is utterly devastating to see the saturation of filth on the internet, and with a teenager and two young children in the home, I find great peace in knowing X3watch not only provides accountability to me as a recovering addict, but also will assist in providing a safe environment for my kids to use the computer.

Outside of my walk with my Lord and the brothers that I have come to love in X3pure, X3watch has been an integral part of my journey of recovery and sobriety!


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