Accountability: How X3watch Is Like God

Accountability: How X3watch Is Like God

Written on May 21st, 2014 in Resources by CJ Stunkard


Addiction gives human beings tunnel vision. The poison does not matter; whether it’s alcohol, drugs, sex, or whatever grips the addict, the obsession for a fix makes its pursuer neglect the reality of the outside world. We dismiss the consequences of our choices in light of the immediate gratification we desire.

Not always but often, this pursuit occurs in isolation, usually due to shame or guilt. The long-time alcoholic drinks alone. The drug user gets his hit alone. The porn consumer satiates his lust alone.

For this reason, X3watch is a valuable tool in all three stages of temptation—-before, during, and after. Before the act of giving into our cravings, we count the cost of knowing that our activity will be seen and known—-either via reporting or filtering blockers. During the lustful act itself, we understand that every site address is cataloged and revealed to someone, somewhere. Afterward, the resolution of the fall hangs on our heart and mind—-our addiction is not hidden; others know.

And that’s the point.

The above scenario unfolds regardless of whether or not you’re using X3watch. Each and every time we sin, God sees and knows. And more than any computer program, he discerns our hearts. God is a profound and ever-present source of accountability, and even if one seeks his pleasure elsewhere, God monitors.

When we pursue our addiction in isolation, we believe it is our little secret. But it never is and never has been. Not if God exists and is who we believe him to be. God is present; God sees; God cares and wants better for us than we do for ourselves. X3watch helps us ditch the tunnel vision and reminds us of that fact and, to a point, reflects that reality.

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