Child Pornographer Denied Pre-Trial Release Four Times

Child Pornographer Denied Pre-Trial Release Four Times

Written on June 19th, 2016 in Stories by Anthony Spencer

The words child pornography will (and should) strike fear into the hearts of every parent. The proliferation of both child pornography and the number of crimes against children has, unfortunately, been on the rise. It is no picnic for people who get caught.

For Victor Stepus, 47, of Chicopee, after four attempts to gain pretrial release in his child pornography possession case, he has once again been denied in U.S. District Court.

Nine months ago, Stepus was arrested as a part of a nationwide sting that targeted  alleged users of a “dark web” or “deep web” site called Playpen.  The Playpen made thousands of child pornography images – some of them sadistic – available on the internet.   Stepus was just one of 135 people from 18 states that were arrested in the child porn roundup that was codenamed Operation Pacifier by the FBI.

A federal magistrate judge in the state of Virginia approved a single warrant which would allow the government to take over the website and collect the IP addresses of users.

The dark web, which began its days as a tool employed by the U.S. Navy that  allowed government officials exchange classified information, has since that time become a playground for hackers and a place where users attempt to get their hands on just about any dark commodity you care to name. These include weapons, drugs, human trafficking, and child pornography.

Stepus, a native of Ukraine, informed the FBI that he had been downloading child pornography for a number of years while his wife was at work.   When government agents raided their home, Stepus’ wife, Tatyana,  said that her husband was a drinker, a serial philanderer and abusive toward his step-daughter.

While delving into pornography initially may seem harmless enough, the truth is that viewing pornography has the potential to become an addiction.  For those who are addicted to porn, they face the very real possibility of it taking over their lives.  For some people for whom pornography has become an addiction, it can be particularly ruinous if they begin to look at child pornography. When that happens, a person can lose their career, their family, and their freedom.

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