Christmas Computer Action Plan

Christmas Computer Action Plan

Written on December 26th, 2014 in Resources by Adam

Did Santa give your family a new computer or tablet for Christmas this year? If he did, Congratulations! Computers and tablets can take us places the old encyclopedia sets never could. In a moment they can take us across the world, allowing us to experience new cultures and even meet new people.

But this technology does have a drawback, these devices can also expose you to the bad stuff, often when you least expect it. This Christmas, make great memories with your families new gadgets by ensuring that you protect them.

Here’s a great checklist to get you started:

1. Download and install X3watch to your Mac or Windows computers, your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, or your Android tablet or smartphone.

After you install X3watch, take a look at our After Install checklist for more helpful information.

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2. Install an antivirus program or an internet security suite that combines antivirus and firewall protection. A good security program will protect your computer from harmful viruses as well as intrusion attempts from hackers or malicious software. Be sure to set your antivirus program to scan your machine at least once per week. You can always scheduled the scan to take place when no one us typically using the computer so that it doesn’t interfere with your tasks.

3. Protect against Spyware and Malware with a good anti-spyware program like Malwarebytes or AdAware (both unaffiliated with X3watch). These programs will protect your computer from harmful programs that collect personal information, open doors to viruses and other intrusion attempts. These programs also slow down your computers performance by hogging system resources. This causes slow browsing speeds and sometimes causes other web-based apps to perform poorly.

4. Turn on Auto-Updates for your computer’s operating system. These updates will help make sure that your computer is always running at it’s best. They will also reduce threats that may comprise your security.

Learn how to do this by clicking your system below:
Windows OS
Mac OS