X3watch is Free. Covenant Eyes is not.

X3watch is Free. Covenant Eyes is not.

Written on October 7th, 2014 in Product Info by Ryan Russell

I saw a snarky Google Ad placed by one of our “competitors” the other day when I typed “X3watch” into the search bar.
snarky ad

As you can see, Covenant Eyes wants you to check out their product when you are looking for ours. This got me to thinking, especially because I get asked all the time, “Why should I choose X3watch over Covenant Eyes?”
The answers are easy. Of course, I am proud of what we do, and some of this post is going to sound “competitive” but I think the facts of what we do and why we do it are very important. Digital marketing, ads, and websites are working hard to sell you products. X3watch is working hard to provide you with everything that you need to be successful online and offline with your life and with your choices. So here is why you should choose X3watch:

X3watch is the First, the Best, Everywhere and People First.

The First

For years, Covenant Eyes has touted itself as the leader in online accountability and protection. That sounds great, until you realize that X3watch was the very first to deliver FREE online accountability for pornography. While Covenant Eyes has been busy adding “extras”, increasing their profits and their prices, X3watch has maintained a clear goal of creating OPEN, accountable conversations about online pornography between spouses and accountability partners. Through the work of, we have been providing hope, help and real resources to those struggling with porn addictions for over 13 years. No one understands the addictive nature of pornography more comprehensively than us.

The Best

X3watch has always provided a FREE version of internet accountability software. X3watch is ministry first, people first, hope first. From the initial vision of providing a software solution that brings open and honest conversations between couples, friends and families, we have alway sought to have a free version of online accountability software. X3watch has never broken our promise to provide FREE basic accountability software. Covenant Eyes, NetNanny and others have never provided a FREE solution for internet accountability like X3watch. In fact, Covenant Eyes charges $120.00 a year for the basic online accountability that X3watch has always provided for FREE! Our FREE version of X3watch doesn’t require a financial hardship, a credit card or a promise to “pay when you can”. It is just FREE.


Every user needs software that is easy to use and that performs it’s intended purpose with excellence. X3watch stands above the rest of the competitors in delivering online accountability across all of the major platforms – PC, Mac, iOS, Android. X3watch is the only solution that allows users to have just one account to get online accountability on all of these platforms. How great is this for you? It’s freaking awesome! That’s how great it is. With just one user name and password, you can download X3watch on any platform and simply login, providing internet filtering, accountability and notifications for everyone in your family. It doesn’t matter if you are using the advanced featured X3watch Premium or the Free version of X3watch, it works on every single platform with just one simple login. Yes, it is that easy.

People First

X3watch provided as a resource through our faith-based nonprofit. There are a lot of good guys and gals working hard to eliminate pornography from your internet connected devices at other companies like Covenant Eyes. But, unlike all of the other players in this space, we put every single cent of “profit” from X3watch Premium back into ministry efforts to free people from porn addictions, rebuild marriages and provide hope to generations of people who have been overwhelmed.

—— X3watch + XXXchurch + ——I am very proud to say that we have been leaders providing hope in the darkness of porn addiction. I am excited to equip parents with all of the best information through resources and videos about the latest apps and pitfalls online. And of course, I am encouraged that our ministry reaches out to all segments of people through the work of’s efforts both online and inside the sex industry.

X3watch PREMIUM for FREE

We created X3watch Premium to provide even more security for your family while enjoying the internet. X3watch Premium provides pornography blocking, custom lists of BLOCKED and ALLOWED websites and several other advanced features that go beyond X3watch FREE. As an added bonus, you can try X3watch Premium 1 month for free!

Enter Promo Code “MONTH1FREE” on checkout.

Need more info?

Take a look at these comparison charts to see just why X3watch rises above the rest with both our Premium services and our FREE version of online accountability.

X3-Comparison-Charts-pcmac X3-Comparison-Charts-Android-1X3-Comparison-Charts-iOS