Don’t Blame X3watch – You’re the Problem

Don’t Blame X3watch – You’re the Problem

Written on April 13th, 2016 in Resources by Ryan Russell



See if this sounds familiar: you’re hooked on porn. You’ve tried a lot of options to try to get off it, though. First you tried willpower, but that didn’t work so great, and so then you decided to take the next step and install X3watch on all your devices to help you stay accountable and make good decisions.

And now you’re wondering: why am I still addicted?

Why am I still addicted to porn?
Why am I still addicted to that thrill of looking and consuming?
Why am I still addicted to masturbation?

I’m using X3watch, so why am I still addicted to anything? I thought this was supposed to get rid of my addiction!

And that’s the problem. Or, more specifically, YOU’RE the problem.

When you expect X3watch to do something it’s not intended to do, you’re going to run into problems.

The thing about X3watch is that it’s a great tool, but like every tool, it has an intended purpose. And it’s up to the USER of that tool to use it for that intended purpose. Watch this short video:

Would you get blame a screwdriver for not driving nails or cutting boards or framing a house?
Would you blame a chainsaw for not assembling a bookcase or shingling a roof?

You get the point. Yes, you can occasionally force a tool into a use outside its intended one – like those lifehack videos where someone uses a hair pick to hold an onion for slicing. But those times are rare and hardly ever turn out well in the long run.

No, you get the best results when you use a tool to do the thing it was created to do.

And X3watch was created to help you make good decisions. X3watch was never intended to make good decisions for you. That’s your job.

Watch this short video:

If you’re wondering “why am I still addicted?” then you might have to start pointing an inquiring finger at yourself rather than at the things you’re using to HELP yourself. What is it within you that causes you to keep searching, seeking, consuming? What is it that makes you want to find workarounds so that you can feed your addiction?

Those are questions that X3watch can pose to you, but that it cannot answer. It was never meant to answer them.

Don’t ask it to.

PS. Of course if you don’t want to take the responsibility for your own decisions you can simplify things with the No Porn Phone. No porn. Guaranteed.