Don’t Blame Your Smart Phone

Don’t Blame Your Smart Phone

Written on April 4th, 2016 in Resources by Craig Gross



Smartphone porn is all too easy to get these days – and it’s all to easy to blame the smartphone. Porn, however, doesn’t care who gets the blame, as long as it gets in front of your eyes and stays there.

But playing the blame game comes naturally to us, so while smartphone porn is easy to access, it’s just as easy for us to blame our phones when we use them for porn purposes.

But smartphone porn isn’t your phone’s fault. It’s yours.

And the sooner you can accept that, the sooner you can do something about smartphone porn.

Now, just to make sure you’re hearing this properly: we’re not saying that phones can’t be a temptation. Of course they can! And we’re also not saying that temptation indicates a flaw in your personality. Of course it doesn’t! Even a squeaky-clean, sinless guy like Jesus encountered temptation.

There’s nothing wrong with having a desire. The problem comes when you entertain an unhealthy desire and then act on it, including and beyond smartphone porn.

The point is: your phone is just another in a long line of ways that you can indulge unhealthy activity. Yes, it makes it easier to turn to that indulgence, but it isn’t the source of your problems – that source lies within you.

You use your smartphone for porn because you want the porn and the smartphone makes it easy to access that instantly. It’s sort of like having a sweet tooth and deciding you’re not going to indulge that anymore, only to have a new frozen custard store open right down the street from you. Are you going to blame the frozen custard place for existing? Are you going to protest the frozen custard place or petition the city council or the health department to close it down?

Of course not! They aren’t the problem – you are! And sticking with this analogy, if you were going to try not to head to the delicious frozen custard place three times a day, then you might want to enlist some outside help. Maybe have a trusted friend that you can call who can help hold you accountable whenever you feel like getting that chocolate mint concrete. Who will exist outside the relationship between you and frozen custard, so that you can make a healthier choice in the moments of temptation.

The same thing goes when it comes to smartphone porn. If you find yourself in the midst of ever-present temptation, then you need to bring someone else into the story. In fact, your phone already has tons of contacts in it—instead of using it for porn, use it to notify a lifeline.

Better yet, turn your phone into an automatic lifeline with an app like X3watch, which makes your phone into an accountability machine that can also block out unwanted content so you can make the healthiest choices possible whenever you go online. Watch this video:


Take responsibility for yourself and for your actions. Stop blaming your phone and start doing something about it.

You can do this. You can live healthy. It’s just up to you to own it.