Exciting Update

Exciting Update

Written on October 31st, 2017 in Product updates by




This is Craig Gross and I am excited to share with everyone some exciting updates in regards to X3watch. First of all if you are a current member/subscriber nothing changes today for you. I posted some videos if you want to watch and hear a bit about the story of X3watch and what is to come and also have included some text below. Take your pick.

Check out the videos here!

You don’t have to switch. Really!

Your existing X3watch account will keep on working! Nothing changes, nothing goes away. Everything you have in X3watch today is exactly the same – safe and sound, working like it always has. It’ll continue this way. You can keep using your current version. We will not be updating the current versions of X3watch but they work on all platforms on the current operating systems today.

Can we use multiple versions at the same time?

Yes you can!  Your current X3watch watch subscription allows you to use X3watch or Ever Accountable apps. All you have to do is log into Ever Accountable with your X3watch username and password and you can see which system you like better.

How does my payment work?

If you are on a monthly or yearly subscription on X3watch you will continue to be billed by us and you don’t have to do anything. You now just get the added benefit of using either program. All new sign ups will be processed by the Ever Accountable payment system moving forward for new sign ups.


Where Do I go to for Support?

Our support team is still here and we are actually merging both support teams and so you can hit up support on our site or Ever Accountable with any questions.