Feb. 5 – Server Updates @ 11:00 PM Pacific

Feb. 5 – Server Updates @ 11:00 PM Pacific

Written on February 5th, 2014 in Product updates by Ryan Russell

Feb. 5/6 – X3watch PREMIUM Server Updates @ 11:00 PM Pacific / 2:00 AM Eastern

Tonight we will be updating our X3watch PREMIUM servers. For users attempting to utilize the internet at this time, you will experience a loss of connectivity.

During this update, you have two options:
1. Plan ahead to be finished with internet for 1-2 hrs on your desktop and mobile devices before the update. This is the best way to stay accountable.
2. The “work around” for this would be to uninstall the X3watch PREMIUM software and then re-install it after the update. As a “pro pointer” we encourage you to notify your accountability partners in advance since they would get the uninstall notification.

Updating the servers for the new PREMIUM product is part of our ongoing efforts to improve the product performance, update PRO users to the new X3watch PREMIUM and provide you with the very best internet accountability and filtering software.

Thank you for your understanding,