Helpful “After Install” tips.

Helpful “After Install” tips.

Written on November 10th, 2014 in Support by Adam

I hope you all had a great weekend! I must admit that I had another blog planned for this week but over the past few days, something compelled me to write about a different topic. I was researching trending items and requests from our support group and I noticed that there was one common question that our users kept asking. That question is: “I’ve just downloaded X3watch, now what? And what a great question that is indeed. While I believe that we’ve built an easy-to-use program, it’s always difficult to adjust to a filter if you’re new to it (even if you’ve used a competitors filter before).  I’ve  put together this helpful After Install tips and action plan to help everyone out.

These recommendations on based on the assumption that X3watch is already installed. If you haven’t installed the program, here’s how.

1. Add an accountability partner:
These are the people you choose to help keep you accountable. They will receive weekly reports about your browsing activity. These can be friends, a pastor, or even a family member. We recommend talking with this person before you share reports with them. Even if it’s a just a quick email exchange.  X3watch free lets you have two partners, and Premium gives you up to ten.

Click here for instructions on adding partners.

2. Block pornography:
X3watch Premium comes ready to block porn right after you install it. If for some reason you need to turn this off.

Click here for instructions. 

3. User-managed blacklists and whitelists:
These are great for managing custom lists of websites that you want to allow or block. If you know there are websites that you always need access too despite the language or content, you can choose to allow it (we find some professions need this flexibility). If there are websites you always want to block no matter what the content is, you can do that too by creating custom lists.

Click here for instructions on creating custom blacklists and whitelists. 

4. Single report for ALL devices:
X3watch (free and premium) combines activity from all your devices into one report. Make sure that you take advantage of the all-new X3watch by installing X3watch on your Android or iOS devices too!.

Click here for Android help.

Click here for iOS help. 

5. More reporting options:
X3watch includes great features to make it easier to see your reports. By logging into your account online, you can look up reports by a specific date range, see a list of websites visited over the past ninety days, and even send your accountability partners reports on demand! (Premium users)