How To Add Accountability Partners To X3watch

How To Add Accountability Partners To X3watch

Written on May 14th, 2015 in Product Info by Craig Gross

how to add accountability partner


So, you’re taking the plunge and getting accountable with X3watch. That’s great! We’re excited for you as you take this important step into a healthier online lifestyle.

But before you go any farther, you have to add an accountability partner! Hopefully you’ve already chosen an accountability partner (or partners) who understand your goals and are ready to cheer you on (if you haven’t already, check out our blogs on “What is An Accountability Partner?”, “What Makes a Great Accountability Partner?”, and “How to Build a Great Accountability Partnership” so you can make the most of this terrific relationship).

Once you have that person on board (and have their email address), you’re ready to follow a simple five-step process to add them as an accountability partner in X3watch. Those steps are:

1) Log in. First, you have to log in to your account. If you aren’t logged in already, you can do that here.

2) Click. Locate and click the “Partners” button. You’ll find it as part of the navigation bar at the top of the page.

3) Type. Find the designated fields and fill in your partner’s name and email address so we can make sure to get them your reports.

4) Choose. You have a couple of options in the drop-down menus at this point. You can choose “Invite to Download X3watch” if you want your accountability partner to get pointed to using X3watch as well. They don’t have to use it in order to be your accountability partner, but it does streamline things, and it makes it easier for you to return the favor to them and be THEIR accountability partner! You can also choose “Send Email on Filtering Violation” if you want your partner to get an email the instant you visit a website that X3watch has flagged as inappropriate.

5) Click. See that button labeled “Add Partner”? Click that and you’ll be finished! Now your partner will receive an invitation email from us. Once they accept your invitation, they’ll start receiving your reports. And make sure they hang on to that email, because it contains other important information about X3watch Premium!

If you’d like to add more than one accountability partner, just follow those five steps once more and you’ll be all set.

Thanks for using X3watch! We’re honored and excited to be a part of the new, healthy, liberated you.