How To Build A Great Accountability Partnership

How To Build A Great Accountability Partnership

Written on May 7th, 2015 in Resources by Craig Gross



You have X3watch. You have an accountability partner. You have everything you need to stay accountable, and now you just want to make sure it stays great.

You want to build a great partnership with your accountability partner. (Tweet This!) Well, we’re just as excited about the possibilities as you are, and we are just as eager as you are to see this partnership turn out spectacularly, so here are four ways you can build your accountability relationship into a great one.

Meet regularly. Having someone have your back on X3watch is a great thing, but if you’re only communicating with one another when your accountability partner checks in with you to ask about your browser history, then you have a relationship that’s really just based on them being the town sheriff. We believe accountability is infinitely stronger when you’re meeting with one another regularly, whether that’s in person or, if you live in separate cities, through Skype or FaceTime. When it comes to greatness, there’s just no substitute for that regular meeting.

Ask questions. How was your week? Did the choices you made this week make your life better or worse? Have you been trustworthy with your material stuff this week? Have you caved in to any of your addictions, struggles, or weaknesses this week? How are you feeling right now? These are all examples of the kinds of questions you can ask one another each time you meet (you’ll notice these examples are all based on a weekly meeting, but you can modify them for your own meeting frequency). When you ask these questions, you’re putting more and more bricks into the building that is a great relationship. (Tweet This!)

Stay honest. It’s not enough to ask questions, though – you have to answer them honestly. You aren’t doing either of yourselves any favors by skirting the truth when you answer these questions, nor are you helping if you respond out of dishonesty or manipulation. A great accountability partnership is a safe one (Tweet This!), and remaining honest in all you say and do is the best way to maintain that level of safety.

Go beyond. A regular meeting is a good thing, but greatness comes when you go beyond that standard meeting. Maybe get together for a family barbecue every now and then. If you live in different cities, maybe consider a weekend visit once every six months or year. The point is, your accountability partnership gets great when you invest more than just your email address and a weekly cup of coffee in it. Go beyond the norm and watch what happens.

Now that you have some ideas on how to build a great partnership, we hope you’re able to go out and do just that. It may seem like hard work at times, but it’s worth it.

But what happens if the accountability partnership just doesn’t take off? How can you avoid toxic accountability partners, or get rid of those you didn’t manage to avoid in the first place? We’ll tell you how.