X3watch on iOS 8

X3watch on iOS 8

Written on September 17th, 2014 in Product updates by Ryan Russell



It doesn’t matter how many times we test our product on a new platform, I am always nervous on days like today when Apple releases a major update and the public pushes real live use cases against X3watch. I personally downloaded the public release of iOS 8 on my iPhone 5 and ran X3watch for myself. All of our key developers and team members did the same.

And the results?

As we had designed and hoped, X3watch is fully functional! X3watch is still offering you the very best in online accountability, flagging questionable sites and even blocking pornography if you have an X3watch Premium account. (BUY NOW)

So we are celebrating @x3watch + the new iOS 8! 

The first 100 new users get 50% off X3watch Premium using coupon code “ios8” on check out

There are a few key features with iOS 8 where we hope to make X3watch even better over the next few months. In theory, Apple is going to allow more cross-app communication so hopefully we will be able to finally achieve having X3watch run in the background underneath the native Safari browser, just like we are able to do with Android devices and Chrome. But, until that day comes in development, X3watch is working smoothly as it’s own browser, giving you the ability to filter and block pornography, giving you and your family a peace of mind.

X3watch is still the only accountability and filtering software that allows you to have cross-platform capabilities with just 1 cloud-based account.