iOS fixes on Dec. 14

iOS fixes on Dec. 14

Written on December 14th, 2013 in Product updates by Ryan Russell

X3watch loyalists & new customers…

We are sorry. Our new iOS app released inadvertently last night and we are unable to rollback the update. We are working around the clock to fix the user experience that is causing so much short term frustration.

In short, there is concern that the app is not working or tracking your traffic properly after you are creating an account or logging in. All of you are experience this screen that indicates you must login again. Let me reassure that once you create the account or login that the app does in fact stay logged in regardless of the message that the screen is currently giving you. The app is working as it should to log / track inappropriate content sites and reporting this information to your champions (accountability partners).


This week we anticipate the fixes to be in place for this poor experience and even now our developers are fixing code on our web services to eliminate this poor and frustrating experience.

Thank you for your patience and your loyalty,

Ryan Russell