The Loving Act of Protection

The Loving Act of Protection

Written on June 4th, 2014 in Resources by CJ Stunkard

Protecting one’s home from unwanted media has become more difficult in the last few decades. Since the advent of premium cable television and pay-per-view, everything from raunchy comedies to hardcore features have been available for the unwitting, channel-surfing eye; and these days, pornography is not only available at the family television or shared desktop computer but on every single smartphone or tablet in the house.

Think of your residence as a castle, and pornography as a latent attacker against your family. You know that he could pass through the walls at any moment, and he could lay claim to one of your loved ones without your knowledge. The truth is clear: evil moves, and it wants to take up residency in our homes.

This is why we need protection. When we leave our shelter unprotected, we create a portal of perversion into safe places, making them danger zones wherein an innocuous click of the mouse becomes the first stumbling step onto a road of all manner of illicit content.

But you can curb the impending tide of porn with X3watch. Now, perhaps you’re thinking, “I don’t need that in my home.” And that may be true. Maybe YOU don’t. Perhaps you’re careful regarding what you watch and when. Maybe your spouse and even your children are as well.

But what about the unassuming guest at your home?
What about your nephew using your computer?
What about your stepson or goddaughter?

Those who are not trained to be wary of the internet are prey, and many an addict to online porn began their journey down that dark path by accident.

I did not go looking for hardcore X-rated videos as a junior high student, but I watched plenty of late-night cable at my buddies’ homes. A taste at the buffet leads to wanting a full plate. What about your children’s friends? Do they look forward to your house because of what they can watch without interruption or discovery? What would it do to their parents to learn of that? What does it do to you to think of it?

Consider this:

We all try to love those who come into our home, but love requires effort and it requires action. You love your children and your guests, and you would protect them from drug dealers at your back porch or even harmless salesman at your front door. How much more should you protect them from the purveyors of smut hidden behind the screen who want to destroy innocence and create an addiction-driven customer through exposure to perversion?

You cannot love them and leave them open to such attack.
You can take action.
You should take action.
X3watch is a first step, and X3watch Premium goes even further.

Love your family. Love your guests. Get protection for their sake (and your own).


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