What Makes a Good Accountability Partner?

What Makes a Good Accountability Partner?

Written on June 2nd, 2015 in Product Info by Craig Gross



When you use X3watch, you get to partner up with someone you love and trust, someone who will work with you to help you achieve all the goals you have for your life. We call that person an “accountability partner.”

But what makes a good accountability partner? Here are three things you want to look for:

1) They understand. 

A great accountability partner knows exactly where you’ve been and where you want to go, oftentimes because they’ve been in the same place as you. They have empathy for your situation; they understand your struggles and challenges, and they know what it takes to overcome them. These are people who believe in you and in whom you can believe.

2) They’re consistent and reliable. 

You don’t need someone flaking out on you; you need someone you can count on. A great accountability partner is just that. The thing about accountability is that it thrives on stability and the rock solid foundation of consistency and reliability. You need to know that your accountability partner will be there when you need them, every time.

3) They love you enough to call you out. 

Let’s face it: as much as you want never to make a poor online choice again, the odds of you batting a thousand from here on out are extraordinarily slim. We at X3watch have been around too long and seen too much to pretend otherwise. That’s why we also know that an accountability partner who isn’t afraid to hold your feet to the fire is far more valuable than someone who is too embarrassed or afraid to call you out when you head places you’d rather not. That’s true love.

Now that you know what to look for, hopefully you have someone in mind. Now, just watch this video to learn how you can set them up to be your accountability partner.