NEW X3watch iOS Mobile App (V2.0.1)

NEW X3watch iOS Mobile App (V2.0.1)

Written on June 11th, 2014 in Product updates by Ryan Russell

X3watch Premium for iOS devices (Version 2.0.1)

Hey everyone!

Today is an exciting day for us here at X3watch because we’ve just released our all-new X3watch app for iOS and I wanted to take a minute to quickly acquaint you with it.

Today’s latest news about this release


First thing’s first. If you haven’t updated or installed the new app yet,  go ahead and do that now. For this update, we recommend that you remove the current version first by pressing and holding the X3watch icon for a few moments and then pressing the “x” icon to remove it.  To install the new version directly from your iOS device, click on the App Store icon and then search for “X3watch”. Once you see the X3watch app come up, click Install and follow the prompts.

Now that the X3watch iOS app has been installed, click on the purple X3watch icon to launch. At the sign-in screen, use the same email address and password that you use for your other X3watch apps on all your devices. Once you’re signed in, you’re going to land on our homepage. (For new users, don’t forget that you must disable Safari on your iOS devices – HERE’S HOW.)

No you can begin star cruising the web with the X3watch browser or you can explore settings all of your X3watch settings!

Speaking of settings, X3watch is cloud-based, so you can access and update your account’s settings on-the-go from right inside the app. To access these features and settings, click on the “settings” icon in the lower- right side of the app window. Once you click on this, a dedicated “Settings” page will appear containing links to each feature or setting. To make a change, simply click on one of the options. Any changes you make within your X3watch iOS app will be made globally to all of your other devices.

What’s more?! With just one subscription to X3watch you can download the software on any device and get all of your settings and same great features. Simply download X3watch software for MAC, PC, or Android platforms and login, using the very same email and password that you have used on your X3watch iOS app.


Here’s a quick look at what each feature does:

Detect Copied URL’s: This option is designed to make it easy to quickly access a website whenever you have copied it’s address or link from another app (like email or Facebook).

Blocking: Quickly allows you to enable or disable website blocking (Premium subscription feature; this feature is enabled by default).

MyAccount: Provides quick access to your account data like Name, Email address and the day of the week your reports are sent.

Blacklist and Whitelist options: These two options allow you to quickly customize which websites you would like to allow (Whitelist) or block (Blacklist), overriding X3watch global settings for scoring for websites. (Premium subscription feature).

Accountability Partners: In here add new accountability partners, you see who your accountability partners are, remove one from the list. New to the idea of living an accountable life online? Check out this blog post and this one too.)

Reports: Immediate access to your accountability reports. Select from three different report options. (Premium subscription feature).


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