X3watch & Restricted Android Profiles

X3watch & Restricted Android Profiles

Written on September 26th, 2014 in Support by Adam


Now that we’ve launched the latest version of X3watch for Android, many of you have ask me how you can get the most protection out of your Android devices. The good news is that if you’re using an Android tablet, you have some great options. The not-so-good news is that if you’re using an Android phone, these extra customizable options are not available due to the intended purpose of the device itself.

To begin, you’ll need to have X3watch installed on the device. If you haven’t already completed this step, click here (

 With X3watch installed, follow this simple steps:
Step 1:
Begin by clicking the “app drawer” icon located at the bottom of the screen (it’s the round icon with squares in it).
Step 2: Locate and click on the “Settings” icon.
Step 3: Under the “Device”  section, click the “Users” icon.
Step 4: Now select “Add user or profile”.
Step 5: A screen will appear asking you what type of user you wish to add, select “Restricted Profile”

 A new “Restricted Profile” will be created for you.

Step 6: Click the “New Profile” icon at the top of the page and in the pop-up window, give your new profile a name and click “OK”.
Step 7: Choosing which apps to turn on. X3watch recommends that you make the following changes to your settings. Remember that “OFF” means your user will not be able to use the app when signed into their restricted profile on the device.

– Turn the X3watch app to “ON”
– Leave Chrome browser “OFF”
– Leave FireFox browser “OFF

– Optional: There are a great number of other applications for you to either turn on or leave off for your users. We recommend turning the following applications to “ON”: Calculator, Calendar, Cloud Print, Earth, Email, Gallery, Maps. 

When you’re finished customizing your user’s new restricted profile, simply press the home icon to return to the home screen. From now on, anytime the device is turned off and back on, your user will need to select the user account to sign into.

There you have it. A quick and easy way to add an extra layer of protection to your Android tablets! For more helpful support articles and videos, visit

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