Snapchat Pics Are Forever

Snapchat Pics Are Forever

Written on October 31st, 2014 in Support by Adam

Snapchat is an incredibly popular social media app that allows users to instantly share pictures with one another. Users really love it because Snapchat automatically deletes these pictures between one and ten seconds (user option) after the recipient looks at the image. At least that’s what users are told. You see, Snapchat pictures are never really gone.

What many internet users don’t understand is that nothing is ever really gone from the internet. Instead, those “deleted” files are living on servers spread out amongst the internet cloud. In a recent settlement with the FCC, Snapchat admitted that there were ways that photos could be saved by the recipient. Third-party apps exist for this purpose but the most common may be one built right into iOS and Android devices and that is the screen capture feature.

Snapchat is particularly dangerous for younger users because of the implied anonymity that it offers. Because users believe that their images will only be seen for a short time by the person with whom their sharing the photo with, people are a lot more likely to exchange inappropriate images of themselves with others. It’s because of this that Snapchat could be a gateway app for sexting and cyber-bullying.

X3watch wants to make sure that you’re armed with information about how to keep your children off of this app. We recommend that you check your user’s device often for this app and when you find it, delete it. Check out the link below for more helpful information about restricting apps on Android tablets and iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Click Here for helpful tips about blocking Snapchat from your mobile device

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