Technology is amazing…and dangerous!

Technology is amazing…and dangerous!

Written on April 2nd, 2014 in Stories by Peter Owens

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Technology is amazing. Sometimes, I don’t think we really get how crazy cool all of the things that we have today are – we can look at people’s faces with the phones in our pockets; we can send money half way across the world with the click of a button; we can read about something that happens in Europe or Asia or Africa mere seconds after it happens.

Throughout history, every time there has been an incredible technological advancement, there has been the ability to abuse it. The printing press made writing and reading books easier for more people, but others used it to write hateful propaganda. The airplane made travel faster and more efficient, but some strapped bombs and guns onto them to hurt others.

And so it is with these incredible little devices in our pockets, these screens that sit on our desks or even in our laps. They give us the opportunity to do wonderful, good things. And they also make it possible for us to do bad, sinful, shameful things.

The porn industry was pretty much the same for a very long time. If you wanted to look at porn, you had to go to a shop, or order something through the mail, or find your way into an adult movie theater. But in the last twenty years, the internet has completely changed that.

The temptation to consume porn is greater than ever because of how easy it is to find it. You can literally type two words into your browser and have tens of thousands of websites at your fingertips. You don’t have to leave your home or even your bed! How can anyone stay pure in an age where we have this kind of power?

Thankfully, technology can still be used for good even in the face of our overwhelming inability to keep from using it badly. That’s why X3watch was created – to help rescue the miracle of the internet from our lusts and desires by making us dependent on others.

None of us can do it alone. I know because I’ve tried to overcome the temptation to watch porn by myself, and I’ve watched countless other young men try to do it, too. But with X3watch, you’re not on your own. Someone is always there with you, keeping you accountable, helping you overcome the temptation to abuse the amazing things we’ve been given.

Take back technology from porn. Get accountable and ask for help. The best thing my accountability partners and I ever did was get something to make our accountability that much more solid. X3watch can help you do that.


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