Updates to Windows – Version 2.1.2

Updates to Windows – Version 2.1.2

Written on July 11th, 2016 in Release Notes by Adam

X3watch has released a new version of our accountability software for computers running Windows 7 and newer. These updates specifically address some of our top customer concerns including:

– False Positives
– White-listing websites

False positives are websites that are generally acceptable to browse, but are blocked by X3watch (usually due to excessive trigger words found on the webpage during the browsing session). This is our most ambitious version yet to address this issue. In addition, we’ve made white-listing websites easier. Whenever a website or a page within a website is blocked, users should be able to more easily override the block by adding the offending website address to their Whitelist.

This release also includes incremental security and performance improvements.

This is an essential update that every Mac and Windows user should download and install as soon as possible.

Release date: July 11, 2016
Version number: 2.1.2 (112)

You can download X3watch by signing into your X3watch account and clicking the “Downloads” tab. Get started here.