Using X3watch on Android (V 2.0.1)

Using X3watch on Android (V 2.0.1)

Written on May 30th, 2014 in Product updates by Ryan Russell



X3watch Premium for Android (Version 2.0.1)

After months of development and testing, today, we’ve released our all-new app for X3watch on Android! Now, it’s time to learn about the new features, how to update your settings and what to expect when browsing using our app, or another third-party browser.

First thing’s first though. If you haven’t updated or installed the new Android app, go ahead and do that now. From your Android device, click on the PlayStore icon and then search for “X3watch”. Once you see the X3watch app come up, click Install and follow the prompts.

Now that the X3 app has been installed, click on the purple X3watch icon to launch. At the sign-in screen, use the same email address and password that you use for your other X3 apps. Once you’re signed in, you’re going to land on our homepage. From here, you can begin browsing, or you can explore settings.

Speaking of settings, now that X3watch is cloud-based, you can access and update your account’s settings on-the-go from right inside the app. To access these features and settings, click on the “settings” bar in the upper-right side of the app window. Once you click on this, a drop-down bar containing links to each feature or setting will appear. Simply click on each one to explore or make a change.

Here’s a quick look at what each does:

Set Home Page: Click this link to change your homepage to you’re favorite website.

Bookmarks: As you browse the web with X3watch, you can save your favorite websites as bookmarks. You’re bookmarked sites will appear here.

History: Provides a quick look at your browsing history. Note: This is not your accountability report!

Settings: This option accesses a lot of information about your account. From inside here, you can update your account information such as name and phone number and more. You can also enable or disable web blocking, create custom lists of allowed or blocked websites, add or remove accountably partners, or even review your user’s accountably reports.

There’s one more thing…  Innovation has always been a drawback when it comes to mobile filters, but at X3watch, we’ve taken the lead. In the past, choosing a mobile content filtering app usually meant trading off one feature for another. In many cases, the tradeoff was blocking sites but not having reporting, or having reporting of site visits, but not blocking. If you were lucky enough to find an app that did both, it’s likely that it didn’t integrate with the software you use on your desktop, or cost extra.

X3watch for Android solves all of these problems because we’ve added our own browser right inside our app. This new browser not only monitors and reports the sites you or your users visit, but if you’re a Premium subscriber, it blocks these sites from being accessible at all. It’ one more thing to help keep you and your family safe online.

To learn more about our X3watch software, visit our support site at