Why People Blame Their Phone For Their Smartphone Addiction

Why People Blame Their Phone For Their Smartphone Addiction

Written on April 11th, 2016 in Resources by Craig Gross



Smartphone addiction can be a real problem for some people, especially when they get addicted not so much to their phone but to what they use their phone for.

To put it simply: more and more people are using their smartphone for porn, and it’s taking over their lives.

And so what do they do? They blame the smartphone for the porn they view on it.

It kind of makes sense, honestly. After all, we like to point fingers at things that aren’t us. We like to shift blame from our own minds and hearts onto some sort of device or outside thing.

It’s not OUR fault that we’re overweight – it’s junk food’s fault for tasting so good. It’s not OUR fault that we speed on the highway – it’s our car’s fault for being so powerful and nimble. It’s not OUR fault that we lust – it’s women’s fault for dressing so provocatively.

This kind of thinking helps us feel better about ourselves, but it doesn’t get us anywhere close to actually solving our problem. But all too often, we just don’t care.

We don’t want to solve the problem; we just want to find a scapegoat.

Shifting blame for our porn addiction onto our smartphone is a convenient fiction that avoids the difficult truth. The truth that our addiction… is OUR addiction. We’d much rather try to convince ourselves that our phone or an app or something our spouse said to us or fill in the blank is the thing that causes our problem. It’s a matter of shifting guilt in order to feel good.

So that’s why. But it’s still stupid.

Do you want to find a scapegoat or do you want to get free from your smartphone addiction? Either way, your smartphone can help you.

Your smartphone can be the thing you continue to blame, the thing you continue to hate, the thing you keep having a love / hate relationship with… or it can be the very thing that contributes to your freedom.

But that requires something from you. You have to take some responsibility for your smartphone addiction and then do something about it. We suggest X3watch. You download it onto your phone, and then it turns your phone into something that helps you make healthy choices every time you use it to go online. This is what makes X3watch so different from other apps that claim to do the same thing. Watch this:


Instead of being the thing you use to make bad decisions, X3watch transforms your phone into the thing the helps you make good decisions. It acts as an internet filter for your phone, letting in only the good stuff and keeping out the bad stuff.

Additionally, X3watch can counter your smartphone addiction by connecting you with other people – real, actual people – who can help cheer you on as you work to take ownership of your life and make the kinds of good choices every time you use your phone.

Stop blaming your smartphone and start owning up to yourself. And then do something to make the situation better. Check out X3watch and see what happens.

Of course, if owning your own addiction and running accountability software sounds too demanding you can get yourself a No Porn Phone.