X3watch In 3 Easy Steps

X3watch In 3 Easy Steps

Written on May 1st, 2014 in Product updates by Ryan Russell

X3watch today is so much more than software to block pornography, or “catch you in the act” of going someplace you would rather not go on the internet. Several years ago, we created the very first version of our accountability software in order to create conversations and build closer relationship among men and women who wanted to lead more intentional lives online.

Now, countless versions, features, and tweaks later, this intentionality remains the main purpose of X3watch. So if you’re new to using X3watch, here are the 3 easy steps to maximizing your online life.

1. Download the software

It all begins with the software. Create an account (either Free or Premium, see the differences here) and then download the software. We have X3watch for PC, Mac, iOS devices of all kinds (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and also for Android devices. All the downloads are available for you once you create an account and click on the downloads tab.

X3watch downloads


2. Share it with friends

X3watch will not work effectively without some close friends or family members involved. Every account comes with the opportunity to choose at least two “accountability partners” (X3watch Premium has room for up to 10). Inside the software, you simply enter their email address and the software sends them an ‘invite’ that explains you have chosen them receive email updates detailing any questionable sites that have been accessed on your internet enabled devices. The people you select will be your champions, people who want the best for you, who are cheering you on and who really care to have your back and encourage you in living the life you want to live.

X3watch - partners

3. Connect in real life

What happens online is best talked about offline. Every time a new email report goes out to your chosen accountability champions, you’ve been given a tremendous opportunity to connect. Hopefully, your report will show that your life online is going well. Sometimes, whether you visited inappropriate sites by accident or on purpose, the reports will contain an accounting of websites that your accountability champion might need to ask you about. Life does not come to an end in these moments; actually this can be the beginning of helpful, healing, and powerful conversations, where you and those close to you can talk about real life, real challenges, and real strategies for helping you maintain your online strategy.

So there they are, your 3 steps to making the most of X3watch. Begin these important conversations today. We truly believe that, if you can talk about pornography and your online life with those who are closest to you, then you really can talk about anything that truly matters. If we can help you live the online life you desire and connect with those people in your life who care about you, then we’ve really done something worthwhile.