Get Started with X3watch Premium

Get Started with X3watch Premium

Written on September 30th, 2014 in Resources by Ryan Russell

Welcome to X3watch Premium!

X3watch Premium is packed full of great features and tools for accountability. We are excited you decided to purchase & use X3watch! It’s important to us that you know you are not alone. This is a huge first step.

Accountability can be a foreign or new concept for most, so as part of your purchaseI want to give you the first chapter to my book OPEN to help you on this new path, because being open and accountable will change your life – CHAPTER 1 – OPEN

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 3 Important Basics to Get Started w/ X3watch Premium

1. ONE account to rule them all!

Your X3watch Premium account gives you control of your subscription on ALL of your devices. Log in to your dashboard to change any Settings, Enable or Disable blocking, and Add Accountability Partners – Sign in by CLICKING HERE

2. Install X3watch on Every Device

That’s right–you don’t need to purchase multiple accounts to install X3watch on multiple devices. Here are the links for you to download X3watch Premium on every platform. DOWNLOAD X3watch

3. Tutorials

I have included links to tutorials, just in case you need a little help! Here are some simple instructions for installing X3watch on each platform:  MaciOSWindowsAndroid

 * If you can’t tell, we are very passionate about online accountability for all your devices! Want to know more about driving forces and passions that fuel organizations like ours to provide the very best? Take a quick look at the personal side of X3watch.