X3watch iOS v2.0.1 – Updates and Info.

X3watch iOS v2.0.1 – Updates and Info.

Written on June 18th, 2014 in Product updates by Ryan Russell

It took 6 months for us to jump through countless software development hurdles  in releasing the new 2.0.1 version of X3watch Premium for iOS (hiring and then re-hiring a new team of people were just a small piece of it). We have another update coming — version 2.0.2 — that is already in the final stages of testing that fixes some identified issues in this release. Keep checking back on this blog post as we will be updating you with the very latest information.

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June 18, 2014 @ 7pm PST

We have identified 3 critical bugs that have addressed with fixes for X3watch version 2.0.2 – We are submitting this new update (version 2.0.2) to iTunes for review by the end of the week. Here’s a summary:

APP ENCOUNTERS A “DEATH SPIN” ON RESULTS RELATED TO PORNOGRAPHY – This bug turned out to be related to the code within the app and not the code on our servers that runs complex logic to block pornography. The new version 2.0.2 will eliminate what we call “the death spin”. Additionally we have been able to identify even better ways to block pornography within the iOS app which we will be coding for version 2.0.3 that will release in July.

INSTALLING – We have found the problem with the 2.0 to 2.0.1 update problem. Most of you have discovered the ‘work around’ if you are reading this blog: a “fresh install” is required for this update by deleting the old app then downloading the new version. With version 2.0.2 we have resolved this issue.

3RD PARTY LOGIN – X3watch iOS version 2.0.1 is not allowing users to login to 3rd party sites such as Facebook and Twitter (Geez?! You want to be social on the internet? — kidding.) Version 2.0.2 has fixed this issue and successfully allows you to have a social life online; it also allows you to login to other great sites too!


June 11, 2014 @ 9am PST

INSTALL – It appears that a “fresh install” is required for this update. A quick fix is to delete the old app, or the new update you just downloaded and then re-install.

APP “SPINS” ON RESULTS RELATED TO PORNOGRAPHY – We are currently working on a server side issue related to the live results that you experience on your phone or iOS device. The “spin” is doing it’s job by blocking pornographic results but keeping the app from returning the desired result of “THIS SITE IS BLOCKED DUE TO PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL”.