X3watch Update for Windows

X3watch Update for Windows

Written on June 13th, 2014 in Product updates by Ryan Russell

X3watch for Windows 6.6.14 Update

Give me just two minutes to tell you about the latest X3watch update for Windows. I’ve just posted a new version at (LINK) so be sure to download it today. I recommend this update for everyone who uses a Windows computer and X3watch.


This new build includes several important enhancements that improve stability, speeds up the synching that takes place between your computer and our server whenever you make changes to your settings. Our developers have also included improvements to overall filtering and have expanded the global blacklist of websites.

A very exciting change in this update is the way accountability reports show your user’s report data. In prior builds, the device type was shown (Window’s XP). In this new build, we now show the device name. This means reports will show the name of the computer accessing the website.

For example, If my computer’s name is “Adam’s Windows 7” my report would now list the website I visited and “Adam’s Windows 7”. This will really help you identify what and where activity is originating from!

Release Notes:

– Turn blocking on/off directly from settings panel. Blocking change takes effect immediately.

– User-customized blacklist and whitelist additions take effect reliably and rapidly when blocking or un-blocking sites.

– Expanded global blacklist data

– Improvements in filtering, more dynamic per browsing behavior.

– Logged data is tracked per device; cleaner accountability reports.

– Includes fixes and other minor improvements in application stability, installation, and content checking.