X3watch UPDATED on all platforms

X3watch UPDATED on all platforms

Written on June 13th, 2014 in Product updates by Ryan Russell



We have been busier than super heroes on a day earth is invaded by aliens!

We couldn’t be more stoked to announce this month that we have released updates to every single version of X3watch – iOS, Mac, Windows and Android. Yes! …. Even the mobile apps FINALLY got the long anticipated updates that we have been working so vigorously to complete. (It got ugly so we locked the mobile app developers in a dungeon with only bread, water and computers until they finished — it was just the only way.)

Click HERE for the Download Page.

So what does this mean to you?

Well… Go sample them out of course! Each one of your devices, no matter which platform you prefer, is connected to your singular X3watch Premium or Free account. That’s right, only one account across all of your devices. How did we do it? Well, with a little bit of pixie magic and some super smart nerds of course — that’s how. The new X3watch takes advantage of cloud based technology, saving your settings in outer-space and on giant servers created by zeus type techno geeks. So, log in to X3watch on any device and you will be able to surf the net knowing that you are accountable and blocking pornography no matter where you go.

Enjoy the web and live a life that’s on purpose! And if you haven’t purchased X3watch Premium yet, you have to GO SEE just how marvelous it is.

Want more details about the updates on each platform?

We released some of our nerd notes —- pick your flavor here:

MAC version of X3watch Premium released June 13, 2014 release notes

PC version of X3watch Premium released June 9, 2014 –  release notes

iOS version 2.0.1 X3watch Premium released in iTunes June 11, 2014 – release notes

ANDROID version 2.0.1 X3watch Premium released May 30, 2014 –  release notes