X3watch + X3pure – For a Limited Time

X3watch + X3pure – For a Limited Time

Written on February 27th, 2017 in Product updates by Craig Gross


Last week we offered a special for “2 Days Only”. We included X3pure with X3watch Premium. The deal went nuts and we heard from a lot of you and decided to keep that going for a limited time. I can’t tell you when the deal will go away but it won’t be here forever.

Here is why:

  • Software won’t change your life but people will.
  • X3watch is a tool that connects you with another person (we call them accountability partners) and helps you have honest and open conversations about things like online porn that trip you up.
  • We have found that a ton of people need something beyond software to get free and live in peace. Inviting someone else into your story is scary but will help you become the person you know you can be. X3watch gives you that connecting point with someone else. X3pure is an online video workshop that is private, online and the most effective program to help you end the downward spiral of shame and alienation. By pairing these two products together we believe you will be well to say goodbye to porn forever.


X3pure sells by itself for $199 if you head over to you can purchase it there or you can purchase X3watch Premium software and get it all for $64.99.

*When you are checking out on the site skip the part that asks you to upgrade to X3pure. It will be included in your video dashboard already. You will get an email as soon as you purchase that will have the Open video series, Get Open Book and the X3pure video series.

Here is a promo video that explains what X3pure is all about!