Computer Parental Controls

When it comes to computer parental controls, there’s nothing on the market like X3watch. This ever-updating software provides unmatched parental controls on computer, phone, tablet, or gaming device.

The computer parental controls available through X3watch provide practically endless flexibility for kids of all ages and stages of development. You can subtly tweak settings so that your computer is protected in exactly the way you feel is best for your kids.

At X3watch, we understand that you as a parent want to make your parenting decisions based on your own kids’ likes and dislikes, personality traits, and what you deem best for guiding them into adulthood. That’s why we made our computer parental controls easily customizable, allowing you to block what you want to block, let through what you want to let through, and choose your reporting day.

Because when it all comes down to it, as a parent you can only control so much.

We understand this and have designed our computer parental controls with that very thought in mind. You can’t control your kids’ behavior indefinitely, but you CAN enact parental controls on the computer so that your kids can make healthy choices every time they go online.

We invite you to try X3watch and see how our computer parental controls stack up against what you’re doing now.

Download it now.