Dream Team

Generous, passionate people who believe in the ministry of XXXchurch so much that they are seeding the the front-end costs for the development of the new X3watch Premium software.

Building software from the ground up is a labor-intensive task that requires a lot of passion from a lot of talented people. And it isn’t cheap—not if you want to do it right. When we finally came to the conclusion that technology had moved past the old version of X3watch and that we needed to rebuild it completely, we knew it was going to set us back a little bit.

And so we decided to create our X3watch “Dream Team,” people who believed in the ministry so much that they would help us cover the front-end costs that came along with the software rebuild. These champions stepped up to the plate and gave sacrificially, and we can say unequivocally that the new X3watch would not exist without their generosity. We are truly thankful for every one of them.

Dream Team – Honor Roll

Craig & Jeanette Gross in memory of Craig Gross Sr.
Southbrook Church –
Central Christian Church –
Eastlake Church –
Denver Foundation
National Christian Foundation West Michigan
Joshua Green Foundation
National Christian Foundation Houston
Ambassador Foundation



December 2013 Update

To date, with the generous support of the Dream Team, we have been able to raise $350,000 toward our goal of $500,000 to fund the brand new launch of X3watch. With this supporting capital our development team has been able to complete and release the new desktop versions of X3watch PREMIUM. We are knee deep in the final stages of X3watch PREMIUM for mobile to complete the product… your support of this project will help tremendously.

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