Skip a coffee and tell a better story about yourself.

For the cost of a coffee, you can get X3watch Premium-for all your computers, smart phones, and other mobile devices.

Imagine the story you can write about yourself when you get all the great features of the original X3watch plus URL filtering, real-time content evaluation, and unlimited desktops and mobile devices. No matter how many ways you use it, we’ll sync all the information into one weekly report, and Premium customers have easy access to tech support anytime there’s a question.

Email Notification

Bring additional characters into your story immediately, when you need them. We can notify your accountability partners with an email the moment questionable websites get visited.

Weekly Reports

X3watch automatically generates a report including questionable sites visited, date and time, and emails it to each of the characters you’ve brought into your personal story.


Some sites you know need to be off-limits. X3watch allows you to block those URLs once and for all. Have victory over porn addiction by blocking porn before it can appear on your devices.

Toggle Blocking On/Off

Perhaps you need access to legitimate sites that just aren’t appropriate for your kids. Turn blocking on while they play or do homework online, then easily restore access so you can get back to work.

Customize Your Blocking

In addition to the sites X3watch is already blocking, you can create a customized list of additional website you want to keep off-limits. Simply add new sites to your "Blacklist". Plus you can ALLOW sites through the "Whitelist" that you and your family deem appropriate for viewing.

Choose Reporting Day

Customize the reporting schedule to fit your schedule. Pull up to 2 months of history. Reports aren’t seen for the week, then gone forever—up to 2 months of your history will be “archived” in your account so you can review past reports when it works for you.

Works On All Devices

From your home office to your tablet to your smart phone, X3watch is flexible enough to work across a variety of platforms - MAC, iOS, PC, Android.

Tech Support

On top of all these great features, our team stands ready to help you one-on-one and answer your questions.

Up To 10 Accountability Partners

Choose as many as ten people with whom to share reports on your Internet use. Simply enter their email addresses and X3watch takes care of the rest! Receive reports about the devices your children are using to keep them safe.

Share your reports with others so you can finally overcome a porn addiction. Or most simply, bring other characters into your story and just live an OPEN life by sharing your habits with others who really matter to you.


Keep an eye on your own Internet use, ensure honesty with your spouse, and be proactive about protecting your kids. X3watch monitors what’s happening online and shares it with you or the people you choose.

Real-Time Content Evaluation and URL Filtering

Our system's constantly getting smarter, so it will evaluate what you're surfing and searching to make sure only the good stuff gets through. You don’t always know every site you should block ahead of time, so we’ve got your back in real time.

Single Report For All Devices

Install X3watch on all your computers and mobile devices, but keep things simple with one report for everything. Even if you use X3 on your laptop, desktop, and smart phones, we’ll merge all the info into one helpful report.

Send Reports Now

X3watch will generate the weekly report automatically, but you can also get current, updated reports anytime you choose, as often as you want.

Unlimited Mobile Devices

Link your X3watch account across multiple devices, every smart phone, iPad, tablet and iPod touch in your house with just one account.

Unlimited Desktop

Whether you have one computer or one for every family member, it’s easy to use X3watch on all of them.

Notify Uninstalls

Receive real-time notification if your spouse, child or friend removes X3watch from any device.