Free Parental Controls

So you are looking for free parental controls for the internet?

You want to make sure you protect your kids while they’re online but you want it free. When your children go online, you want to make sure they feel free.

We understand why you feel that way, but you might want to avoid free parental controls if you are looking for solid solutions.

Parental controls through X3watch can help you. They can pretext your kids and enhance your family’s online experience. But our controls are not free; they are very affordable.

X3watch software premium free parental controls that work on any internet-connected device that you might have in your home or on the go. From smartphones to tablets to home computers, X3watch enables parental controls across every device to make it all the easier for you as a parent to keep your kids safe and healthy online.

X3watch is a robust platform that provides premium parental controls like content filtering, blacklists and whitelists, as well as the all important accountability concept that allows you to keep track of your kids’ online activity with a detailed report that gets sent to you automatically. These types of advanced features are often not available with products that boast free rental controls.

Sound interesting? We think you’ll love the premium parental controls X3watch offers you, as well as all the other great features you’ll find within our software.

Don’t let this opportunity to better your family’s internet experience pass you by. Download X3watch and see for yourself what it can do for you and your family.