How To Block Bad Adult Content Websites

This is the place to learn how to block bad adult content websites. Fortunately, knowing how to block adult content is not some sort of mystical information that can only be possessed by the truest of hearts.

No! The knowledge of how to block bad adult content websites is as simple as downloading and using X3watch.

Blocking block bad adult content websites starts with a simple software application that can run on any of your internet-connected devices. X3watch is that software. Just download your free trial and it will immediately go to work blocking adult content that you don’t want to see yourself or that you don’t want your kids accidentally visiting.

From there, you can also add sites to your blacklist, meaning they will never be let through, or to your whitelist, meaning X3watch will recognize those sites as ones it should allow.

X3watch also has real-time content evaluation and URL filtering, meaning the software itself is always updating itself on how to block bad adult content websites so that nothing slips through the X3watch filter and onto your devices.

X3watch knows how to block bad adult content websites on all your devices, and it all works with one account across all those devices, so download your free trial today and give it a spin.