How To Block Inappropriate Websites

Do you want to know how to block inappropriate websites? If that’s the information you crave, then you can learn how to with just one simple step:

Use X3watch, the easy software solution that already knows how to block inappropriate websites!

X3watch is a software application that works on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or internet-connected gaming platform – simply put, it knows how to block inappropriate websites on anything you have that connects to the internet.

X3watch doesn’t function on old information, either. No, the wizards at X3watch are constantly monitoring and evaluating the web, so it knows how to block websites in real time. As soon as something new hits the internet, X3watch knows it and, if it’s inappropriate, blocks it immediately.

That’s how to block inappropriate websites: robustly and promptly. And that’s exactly the way that X3watch does it. And X3watch works with one single account across all your platforms, so you know it’s constantly working for you, no matter how you get online. What works on your phone will also work on your laptop or your gaming device.

Intrigued? If so, check out this download to try out X3watch and let it show you how to block inappropriate websites easily and immediately.