Matt Hasselbeck

I think this software has also strengthened my marriage. Any site that I may go to she (my wife) sees is and she is going to know what’s up and it gives her a lot of security.

by Matt Hasselbeck - Retired NFL Quarterback

Josh McCown

X3watch enabled me to have some accountability and it was a great moment of freedom for me.

by Josh McCown - NFL Quarterback for the Chicago Bears

Jon Kitna

If you don’t want to put this software on your computer then you are just a coward. You really don’t want to walk with God. You are not a real man in this area of pornography. Instead, you would rather keep that door open and right there for your moments of weakness.

by Jon Kitna - Retired NFL Quarterback

Eric Boles

All the accountability in the world will not cover up a lie. If I went into this process while being dishonest it wasn’t going to work. The first thing we did is put everything on the table and confess everything. It changed everything. I gave them permission to look into my world and they gave me permission to look into theirs.

by Eric Boles - Retired NFL Wide Receiver

Shawn Case

I’ve used X3watch software since it was first available for myself and for the students and staffs i’ve led. i love that there’s a relational element to it and it makes space for honest conversations. X3watch has given me several opportunities to bring grace into situations that could have just brought shame. Plus, it’s free.

by Shawn Case - SouthBrook Christian Church

Jake Luhrs

X3Watch is for the man who knows he isn’t strong enough on his own, and for the man who knows accountability is what makes you strong.

by Jake Luhrs - August Burns Red

Levi Macallister

We’re called to be doers of the word, not just hearers. We have heard the Apostle Paul’s exhortation to flee sexual sin. For me, x3watch was an intensely practical way to start running

by Levi Macallister - Levi the poet


I have been battling with porn for pretty much 30 yrs…I finally confronted it last Saturday by feasting up to my wife and it’s been an amazing week! I feel such a heaviness off my shoulders. I had been on your site in the past but never read anything because the addict inside said “you can stop if you really want to but you know you don’t!!”. Now I visit pretty much everyday and have installed X3watch on phone. My wife loves the reports it sends and I feel like our marriage will stay strong, and I will regain her trust level back. It’s going to be an interesting journey, but I’m so glad she is by my side during it! Anyways, thank God for your ministry and thank you for obeying his call on your life!

by Matt