Why x3watch

When it comes to life, from the very beginning of humanity, we were meant to be in relationship with one another. To help one another. To take care of one another. It’s ingrained in our very being: we need each other.

what is x3watch?

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our top features

Email Notification Bring additional characters into your story immediately, when you need them. We can notify your accountability partners with an email the moment questionable websites get visited.
Blocking Some sites you know need to be off-limits. X3watch allows you to block those URLs once and for all. Have victory over porn addiction by blocking porn before it can appear on your devices.
Works On All Devices From your home office to your tablet to your smart phone, X3watch is flexible enough to work across a variety of platforms - MAC, iOS, PC, Android.
Monitoring Keep an eye on your own Internet use, ensure honesty with your spouse, and be proactive about protecting your kids. X3watch monitors what’s happening online and shares it with you or the people you choose.


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