Why X3watch

When it comes to life, from the very beginning of humanity, we were meant to be in relationship with one another. To help one another. To take care of one another. It’s ingrained in our very being: we need each other.

Why X3watch?

We see this every time we go to the movies or crack open a new novel: no matter how much of a loner the protagonist of that story may be, it just isn’t a satisfying story with only one character.
A good story needs more than just one character.

Why X3watch?

People all over the world can relate to pain, to questions, and to struggle. So many people feel alone and live alone when it comes to these things. Why? A lot of reasons, but it seems we’re afraid of being labeled, judged, misunderstood, or abandoned. Plus, it’s easy to buy the lie that suggests our friends have enough on their plates-they have problems of their own and don’t need ours on top of them.

Why X3watch?

But the truth is we were all made to be loved and made to be known, to find ourselves in honest relationships where our stuff-both the tragedies and the triumphs-can be reciprocated and exchanged. It’s one thing to have hundreds of friends on Facebook or a phone overflowing with contacts; it’s quite another to really let a few people know you, to have some friends who meet you in your questions, in your pain, and in your coping. We all deserve a community.

We hope your experience with X3watch propels a new life, both online and offline. It's an open life.

It's a different sort of life, and it's one we have to choose.

It will involve some phone calls and surprising invitations.

It will mean some awkward email reports from your partners on the other end.

It will mean leaving your comfort zone, and it may inspire face-to-face meetings instead of text messages and voicemails.

It will take some showing up and some letting people into your mess.

It will strengthen your relationships.

It will improve your life.

We believe you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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