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When it comes to life, from the very beginning of humanity, we were meant to be in relationship with one another. To help one another. To take care of one another. It’s ingrained in our very being: we need each other.


The seeds for the X3watch of today were sown way back in 2002 with the creation of its parent company When the much-anticipated site was launched, its founder, Craig Gross, sat down with a number of the nation’s leading pastors to show off the fruits of his labor and paint a vision for the future of the site. In this future, Craig spoke of a software program that would be housed on the site that would track where you went online and report any questionable sites back to an accountability partner. And best of all, it would be free!

As you can imagine, the pastors were ecstatic about this idea! This could be a game-changer for their congregations (and for themselves!), so they couldn’t wait for it to launch.

There was just one small problem: it wasn’t even in the works yet. It was just an idea, but now it had to happen.
So Craig, a man of his word, began working with software developers to finalize the concept and create the structure for what became X3watch, and two years later it was born.



One of the great things about X3watch is that it’s about so much more than just blocking questionable sites. That’s actually a very limited way of thinking about it. Instead, our goal is to cause people to rethink the very notion of accountability and realize the tremendous benefits that come from it. Accountability is a great thing!

Accountability helps you make healthy choices. Accountability provides motivation for positive life adjustments. Accountability is encouraging and inspiring.

And that’s what we want X3watch to provide. We want to really give people a tool that will help them grow, because ultimately that is what accountability is all about. We want to remove the negative stigma that is traditionally associated with accountability by reframing it for what it truly is: a positive motivating force.


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At X3watch we are committed to helping you grow and foster lasting relationships. Not the kinds of relationships where you check in every couple of months on Facebook; we mean the kinds of relationships that are open, honest, loving, and built on accountability.

The way we see it, everyone is telling a story with their life. But, as our founder Craig Gross says, “A good story requires more than one character.” If we want our lives to tell good stories, we need to invite others into our lives to share those stories with us! And in so doing, we get to be characters in their stories, so it’s beneficial for everyone!

No one should go through this life alone, and X3watch helps connect us at deep levels so that our lives can tell one fantastic, long, great, triumphant story.