The easiest way to stay safe and and accountable with those you trust while online.

Plan Features

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Complete freedom

No password to block you from using your device however you want (except on iOS), no blocking.

Solid accountability

Tricks like clearing the browser history won't work - it will still be reported. Incognito mode is reported. 

Minimal battery usage

Most of the time it doesn't even show up on battery usage reports

Unlimited accountability partners

Use on all your devices (no limit to the number of devices)

Instant alerts to accountability partners for account changes

Instant alerts to accountability partners

when monitoring is disabled (works instantly on everything except iOS)

Alert within minutes to accountability partners

when blacklisted content is viewed 

Accountability partner can sign in to view the report at any time

Report combines activity from all devices to make reading easier

7-day training email series to your accountability partners.

Teach them how to best help you.

Email Technical Support

8 Part "Open" Video Series

Digital copy of the book "Open"

The parent account invites each family member to set up their account

Parent set the accountability partners for each family member.

Parent choses whether each family member is an adult or child. 

  • Adult family member accounts can edit their own accountability partners.
  • Child family member accounts cannot edit their own accountability partners
  • Using separate accountability partners allows the children's reports to be sent to their parents, while the adult's reports can go to other people, if they want.
  • For example, A parent can set himself and his as the accountability partners for his children, but he can set his wife and his pastor to be his own accountability partners.

All billing goes through the parent account

Touchy Subjects video series

Digital copy of the book "Touchy Subjects"


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